Brad Schraut Named Minnesota CEO of the Month

MINNEAPOLIS (Jun. 13, 2016) – C-Level Magazine Minnesota is pleased to announce that Brad Schraut Greene was named the CEO of the Month for June 2016.

InstyMeds is an ATM-like machine that dispenses medication directly to a patient at a doctor’s or dentist’s office, a clinic or hospital, or even a corporate employee wellness center. It was founded by emergency room physician, Dr. Rosenblum, who went through an experience of having a sick child in immediate need of an antibiotic that was not readily available to his ailing child. This scenario brought a serious question to light: “how it is that in America, where virtually everything is available 24 hours a day, you can’t purchase a common medication?”

The machine dispenses the most common, acute medications that people need for immediate relief, like antibiotics, pain medications, inhalers, antinausea medications and anti-diarrheal medications. It also has a zero-error rate due to its triple barcode check system. Once the doctor consults with the patient and provides a computer-generated prescription voucher, the patient can use the InstyMeds machine to pay for and obtain medications labeled with his or her name, along with instructions and warnings, in only 90 seconds. The system also automatically reports to most insurers and calculates co-pays.

CEO Brad Schraut stands firmly behind the company’s cause, passionately advocating for the ill seeking their prescribed medications quicker. He is described as a pioneer of change, who has spent his career transforming industries with new technologies, and “an entrepreneur from the word go.” Schraut’s career with InstyMeds began in 2001 and a few years later was asked to step in as CEO to help get the product to market.

“What we do here is very personal to me,” Schraut said, “If you meet my team, you’ll find that the nearly 50 brave souls who spend every day helping to get medications to people quickly, almost all have a story about something that happened to them and that is the reason they want to work here.”

To read the entirety of Schraut’s feature, click here.

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