Jay Bruber Named Minnesota CEO of the Month

MINNEAPOLIS (Mar. 20, 2016) – C-Level Magazine Minnesota is pleased to announce that Jay Bruber was named the CEO of the Month for March 2016.

Described as a lifelong entrepreneur, Jay Bruber founded Persolvent –one of the first online payment processing businesses in the nation – in 1992 alongside his sister and founder, Julie, and his nephew, Vince Arnoldi. Together, they’ve been able to evolve the company over the past two decades or so into a tech powerhouse that has been recognized as an industry pacesetter. It is a tool that has developed cutting edge payment processing tools enhanced by custom software integration across three primary business areas, which include general commerce, government and schools, and large professional services like legal and accounting firms.

While the company has been incredibly successful throughout its lifetime, Bruber insists the true success comes in the cultivation of company culture.

“First we agreed upon having a really strong mission statement that we could rally everybody around,” Bruber said. “That mission is ‘to make life easier through innovation and technology,’ and our goal is ‘to earn the right to be recommended.’”

To support their mission and goal, the company defined six core values: honesty and integrity, excellence, charitable, customer- focused, passionate, and professional. What sets most companies apart from one another is an idea and implementation, which Persolvent was adamant on proving.

“In our company, we don’t just say our core values. We talk about what they mean so people know how to behave. For each value, we have four or five bullet points that describe its meaning. For instance, being professional means treating others with dignity and respect. It means projecting a positive attitude, and using please and thank you. These are the attributes of our corporate culture.”

To read the entirety of Bruber’s feature, click here.

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