John Frawley Named Minnesota CEO of the Month

John Frawley

MINNEAPOLIS (Apr. 20, 2016) – C-Level Magazine Minnesota is pleased to announce that John Frawley was named the CEO of the Month for April 2016.

While most people go to the zoo to see exotic and endangered animals purely for entertainment, one story encompasses the true purpose of the Minnesota Zoo in the eys of its director and president, John Frawley.

A young girl was undergoing treatment at a local children’s hospital. The day she was diagnosed and received thebad news was the same day the zoo was there interacting with her, interviewing her about the animals. The girl’s mother wrote Frawley an email thanking the zoo for “being there for her daughter and her family.”

“A lot of people think it’s only about the animals. But for me, our purpose is more core to being here for the people of Minnesota. When people go to the zoo, they might not just go to see the animals. They may have a crisis at home or in their family, and they need a place to go where they can feel safe to get their mind off things – a place they can trust. Out of the 1.2 million people coming here every year, there may be a family who has just found out that someone in the family has cancer, or a dad who only gets to see his kids once a month and wants those days to be perfect.”

The zoo’s mission goes beyond the animals as stated, “to connect people with animals and the natural world to save wildlife,” emphasizing the interrelations between all living things and living harmoniously together. Frawley credits his parents for allowing him to be part of the outdoors, which he says has helped shape his character and lifelong passion for wildlife and the environment.

To read the entirety of Frawley’s feature, click here.

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