Kam Talebi Named Minnesota CEO of the Month

Kam Talebi

MINNEAPOLIS (Jan. 1, 2017) – C-Level Magazine Minnesota is pleased to announce that Kam Talebi as our CEO of the Month for January.

The feature, “Seasoned With Happiness,” tells the story of his meteoric rise in the hospitality industry. From CFO for a global tech company to failed restaurant investor, Talebi has come full circle.

“Kam is not only founder and CEO of Kaskaid Hospitality,” says publisher Troy Anderson, “he is also a true humanitarian, evidenced in the company’s philanthropic arm Crave Cares. I would bet you know and have visited their most well-recognized restaurant, Crave, but Kam and his team at Kaskaid are growing with a variety of restaurants and event centers throughout Minnesota and beyond. We’re proud to feature him on our cover this month.”

Heading up the Kaskaid Hospitality Group, Talebi is best known for his popular and very unique Crave restaurants, now with 11 locations. The company also boasts of a growing portfolio of different brands.

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