Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Video: The New Trend in Marketing

Businesswoman Having Distant Negotiations Using Video Conference
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a video worth? Certainly far more than a thousand. So why do so many businesses continue to swear by text-based content? They blog, tweet and answer questions on Yelp. These are all text-based communications. But how many of them are connecting with future clients through online video? Not enough, which is surprising considering how powerful online video is. We may not know exactly how many words a video is worth, but here are some amazing stats about online video marketing — listed numerically — along with why these numbers are critically relevant to the future growth of your business.


The percentage of all online activity that is spent viewing videos. So why is 100 percent of your content text-based? If it is, you’re missing out on connecting with prospective clients in the way they want to consume content online – on video.


2 Minutes

That’s how many minutes longer people stay on a website with video than a website with no video. Video keeps you engaged and builds a relationship as well as trust. That extra time that people are spending on your website watching video leads to more conversions and improves your bounce rate.


The ranking of YouTube as a search engine. People use YouTube to search for answers, especially “How to” and “What if” questions. They don’t just search for answers and solutions on Google. Your prospective clients want video answers.

16 minutes and 49 seconds

That’s how long the average Internet user spends each month watching video ads. People ignore banner ads. They rarely click on paid links. But, videos ads get watched. When people are watching video, they’re ignoring your text-based content.


The percentage of Internet users who look for more information after watching a product video. Videos drive interest in products and services in a way that no text-based content can. Keep people interested in your product with video – or else they’ll move on.

32.2 Videos

That’s the number of videos that the average American watches online in any given month. That’s a lot of videos. Don’t lose clients to your competitors (who already have video) because you think people aren’t watching a lot of videos. They are.

44 Billion

The total number of videos watched online every month. Wow!


The percentage of people who will stop watching your video after the first minute. That’s why it’s important to shoot short videos. After the first minute, you’re mostly speaking to yourself. Keep the videos to the point. Provide value to the viewer fast.


The percentage of Internet users who took some action after watching an online video ad. Videos drive people to take action. There’s no better way to set your business apart from your competition by using video to help prospective consumers understand your product or service.


Your website is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google’s search results if it includes video. It’s not enough to have a great website. That alone won’t necessarily land you on page one of Google. You need a great website with video.


The percentage of Internet users who watch a business-related video on YouTube at least once a week. People aren’t just watching videos for personal reasons. Business-to-business videos help business owners make purchasing decisions.


The percentage of senior executives who would rather watch a video than read text. Again, B2B commerce also happens on video. This can’t be over-stated.


That’s how much more likely a website visitor is to buy a product or service after watching an online video. Why would you not do something that almost doubles the chance that someone will buy your product or service? That’s what video does.


The percentage of people who watch a product video and click-through to the vendor’s website. Give people a reason to pick you. Showcase your knowledge and personality on video. You’ll increase the chance that the viewer hires your business or buys your product.

72 Hours

The number of hours of video that is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Why aren’t you creating video if so many people are? And why aren’t you creating a large library of video. There’s a lot of competition for the viewers attention. Video breaks through.


The percentage that video increases a viewer’s understanding of your product. You need your prospective clients to understand you and to understand what you can do for them. Use video to help them understand.


The percentage of executives who watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. Clearly, it’s not just consumers who are watching online videos and making decisions based on those videos. It’s executives too.


The percentage of Internet users who visit a company’s website after watching a video. Video will drive people to your website. Put video on YouTube, on your Facebook page or your Twitter feed to increase your own website’s traffic.


The percentage of Internet users who recall watching an online video ad in the last month. People remember videos far more than they remember any other content. They rarely remember text-based content (that’s assuming they even read your content at all).


The percentage of Americans who watch video online every month. Video is no longer a novelty. Nearly everyone is watching video online. And they watch all kinds of videos. No matter the subject, people prefer video content.


The percentage of online shoppers who say they find video helpful in purchasing decisions. Companies that use video to showcase their products or services online sell more than companies that don’t use video. Don’t miss out on these opportunities.


That’s how much more likely a person is to click-through from an introductory email if the email has video. Video isn’t just for the Web. If you’re using email marketing, why not increase the chance that people will open your email by adding a video.

These impressive stats prove that a video’s worth is immeasurable. There are countless ways in which a video can help you reach prospective consumers, get new business and grow. Most businesses rely on referrals, which is why video is a powerful tool to validate your products and services. The more videos you produce – and the more places you use those videos across the Web and on your website – the more likely people are to find you online and from their smart phones. So get in the game soon because everyday someone new is watching Q & A and a video.


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