Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Tom Parrella

Tom Parrella: Putting Veterans to Work For Corporate America

In 2002, Tom Parrella, owner and president of Bulletproof Securities, Inc., founded his contract security company to defend critical infrastructure ...

Jim Loffler

Jim Loffler: A Place Where People Matter

According to Jim Loffler, president and CEO of Loffler Companies Inc., “There’s nothing fancy about what we do. We’ve built ...

2nd swing

More Than Meets The Eye

Rescued from bankruptcy in 2006, 2nd Swing has steadily regenerated itself from virtually nothing to an eight-figure operation on the ...

Derrick Hall: Excellence on and Off the Field

Derrick Hall: Excellence on and Off the Field

After spending 12 seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Derrick Hall joined the Diamondbacks organization in 2005. He went on ...

mark lanterman

Mark Lanterman: A Virtual Hero

During his more than 25 years as a computer forensics investigator, Mark Lanterman has helped to solve crimes, exonerate innocent ...