Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The WOW! List Show Off with Style

Show Off with Style
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1. Your Leadership

2. Your Team


3. Your Outside Circles

In my June 2016 WOW!™ List, I suggested you live by three words. One of those words every leader should incorporate into every month of work life is showcase. In the time since I wrote that column, several clients and other leaders shared with me how this is a challenging task for them. Just as a good public relations strategy is necessary for your business to grow, the act of showcasing is also a vibrant tool for boosting your company and personal brands. Let’s break it down.


Take your own leadership journey. You got here because you were able to convince others you deserved to take on a C-Suite or leadership position. You had to showcase success in various content areas in order to land your current job. As you move forward, your teams, clients and colleagues want reinforcement about your zones of expertise. Every time you do your job well and lead others, you showcase your leadership. This reinforces the board’s or CEO’s decision to put you there. It also grows trust with all of your other audiences: customers, direct reports, colleagues, shareholders, etc.


Good leaders share the love and do not act like they carry all the weight. Showcasing a win by your direct reports or teams grows the value of the entire organization. When you showcase others authentically, you also lift their standards. They want to continue to do great work and reap more rewards of jobs well done. Some of my clients have online and print journals. This could be an easy space to showcase team wins and build rapport or learnings among various parts of the organization. Another place to showcase others is at company events where toasts or awards are a natural part of the program.


Every leader likely belongs to several external bodies. Whether that includes a nonprofit or corporate board, a church or sports organization, the list goes on. These are some fun places to showcase what’s happening within your organization as well as to highlight your own wins so you grow your stature with these outside circles. Use your imagination about how this type of showcasing plays out as well as your good judgment about how to tastefully showcase. Overall, the showcase function in an executive’s world should take 10-20 percent of your time. The rewards are really limitless.

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