Sunday, May 26, 2024

The WOW!™ List:Three Words Every Executive Should Live By

words executives should live by
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1. Delegate
2. Strategize
3. Showcase

What’s on your calendar? Often, your time is scheduled in 15-minute blocks so you don’t need me to tell you how valuably precious each time slot is. However, are you letting the calendar run you or are you intentional with the layout of your days? If your work duties don’t fit into one of three zones, they don’t belong on your plate. Each zone should be part of every month of every year. At first, you may spend more time in one than the other. A healthy blend is the goal. The best balance is 20 percent or less in delegation; 50-70 percent in strategy; 10-20 percent in showcase.



Delegation may sound easy, but let’s make sure. Can anyone else do any of the tasks you are doing today? If yes, then you are not delegating enough. As a C-suite leader, avoiding robust delegation could become your detriment. When you delegate well, you gain the space you need to accomplish the leadership duties that encompass your role. In turn, time opens for the other two zones.


You are a strategic leader. The strategy zone is the place to spend the majority of your time. If this isn’t the case, it means you have much more delegation to do. Clear your calendar of things others can handle as soon as possible. You also empower others toward leadership themselves. Then, get ready to deep dive into organizational functions over which you have responsibility and, if needed, enlist the aid of your C-Suite peers and direct reports to leverage the best results.


Often, the most difficult zone for company leaders is showcasing because it requires you to call out your accomplishments to others. Showcasing does not equal bragging – an important distinction. When you showcase a win by your team or the fact the Wall Street Journal recently interviewed you, the value of the entire organization grows. Showcase in an authentic and collegial fashion, and you will boost your personal and company brands. If your organization has an internal or external publication, you have a natural venue for showcasing. You can also showcase your direct reports in front of their colleagues at internal and external business events. Use your creativity. If you need a push, give yourself an assignment of at least one showcase activity per month.

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