Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The Wow! List: Communication … Not Just Soft Skills

soft skills
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1. Foundation
2. Umbrella
3. Differentiator

You often hear people refer to communication, empathy and other terms of delivery as soft skills. Staying in that mindset could mean leaving a lot of strength in the dust. Advanced executives realize communication acumen is the foundation and umbrella for everything. I’m not just saying this because I’m a presence engineer. I’ve seen communication elements in action – both to the detriment and to the huge success of many business people.



Just as your office building or home needs a strong foundation to stay upright, communication skills are the foundation from which strong brands, people and companies are built. Overlooking key communication elements for yourself and your teams will leave major gaps. Modeling solid communication skills as a strategic leader helps you launch the desire in others to work on theirs. Your talent development folks can assist with assessing and prescribing programs and resources to give your people important tools on the road to growth and power with their communication.


Your brand is important as a leader. Your organization’s brand identity is important for day-to-day business functions, sales and longevity. Powerful presence and strong communication create the umbrella under which you and your teams operate. Building off a solid foundation and developing yourself and others by valuing communication just as much as you value tangible metrics will move your brand to pivotal places.


The foundation and umbrella angles surrounding communication ultimately lead you to differentiation in your role or industry. When key collaborators, clients and the public see consistent and powerful communication from those who communicate on behalf of your brand, you strengthen major areas of need in corporations today. Most leaders are concerned with retention, organizational culture and rewarding great employees. Right? Powerful communication from leadership and those who report to you will go a long way to helping you stand out. If the chips are down – as sometimes happens due to a stock hit, a bad headline or the unexpected calamity – years of focusing on great communication will reap dividends.

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