Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Wow!! List Prepare for Pain

sheryl sandberg
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1. Health

2. Family


3. Career

The uncertain and the outrageous seem to happen regularly lately. Anecdotes from clients and colleagues make me more aware how stressful situations could happen in a flash and leave any one of us depleted. Our life events may not make national headlines like the unexpected death of Sheryl Sandberg’s husband, Dave Goldberg. Nonetheless, they could be equally devastating. Preparing for painful scenarios is a great course of action. Thoughtful preparation is an important game plan for anyone, but even more necessary when other people’s jobs and livelihoods depend on you.


Whether by sending us links to superfood articles or sharing gift cards for massages, my mother regularly affirms the old adage, “Health is wealth.” This is true for purposes of well-being and mental attitude as well as for your ability to bring home the bacon. For key leaders, make sure you don’t let too many martini lunches or deal-closing happy hours take you for a ride that ends in the hospital – or worse. Two workouts a day works for some CEOs, but most leaders can’t spare the time or would get bored. Do find a form of exercise plus a form of relaxation that you love. Make both part of your calendar. One of my clients told me that riding his motorcycle was where he felt the most connected to the now and where he let go of stress. Once he started scheduling that into his week, many pressures seemed to melt.


Some of us are lucky to have a fabulous family. If that’s the case, make sure they know you value them. If you have lost family members or aren’t particularly crazy about the ones you have, find people who are like family to you. They help keep you grounded. Perhaps these are college buddies who know your highest highs and your lowest lows and will love you unconditionally. Close relationships reinforce other healthful ways of living. I always say the calmer you are on the inside, the more powerful you are on the outside. Time spent with those you trust and love actually works toward keeping your inner peace intact. And if tragedy does strike, these are the people you can rely upon to support you getting back into the swing of your regular life more easily.

Sheryl Sandberg was interviewed about her tips for coping following her husband’s death and why grief leave is as important as maternity leave. Click here to read her interview in Business Insider


The death of Prince made a lot of headlines. One aspect I talked about on my radio show and about which I read a lot of media stories was the icon’s lack of a will. Layers of Prince’s estate and unreleased works will take years to sort out, but they give us a major visual for how our health is connected to our work. Taking intentional steps now to implement a succession plan at work will save time and effort for everyone around you and most likely your family too. A simple visit to your family lawyer or an estate planner could be one of the best meetings you make this year. Mentoring and sponsoring others at work will go a long way in helping your colleagues know the people you would support for future promotions. Preparing for pain of all kinds might become the most important part of your leadership journey.

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