Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Top 10 Business Resolutions for 2017

business resolutions
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1 – Delegate Often

With so much on a businessman’s plate, the more you can delegate tasks to managers, supervisors and support staff, the more time you will have to focus on the larger picture.

2 – Create an Action Plan

While none of us have a crystal ball, it’s best to start the year off with a road map. Consider some landmarks you want to aim to hit this year.

3 – Run with a New Crowd

Get out there and join a networking group for your field or for the community. Getting out and talking to peers can inspire some new ideas.

4 – Do Good

Select a few important causes to your heart and create a plan to include your business in their fundraising. Create a company team for a walk, sign up for Habitat for Humanity or run a book drive.

5 – Revaluate

Look over the last year (and the last five). Which of your products has soared? Which of your employees has gone above and beyond? Consider the services and assets that need to be revalued, reshaped or discarded.

6 – Upgrade

The printer that only runs five sheets at a time; the computer that cannot open Excel and Word at the same time; the server that’s become overloaded – consider replacing that outdated equipment.

7 – Boost Touchpoints

Reach out to your current customers – your livelihood – and see your company from their perspective. Send out a survey or grab lunch. Learn how your company can improve this year.

8 – Audit Your Security

Have you seen the media outbursts over hacked businesses? Make sure that your company isn’t next on the hit list. Test your security protocol and search for weak points.

9 – Define Your Ideal Client

Just as products evolve, so does the ideal client. Consider your services and examine previously untapped markets that may be the right fit for your business.

10 – Learn Something New

Whether you attend a seminar once a month, read a new business book quarterly or invest in a program, this year you need to get out there and learn something new.

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