Sunday, May 26, 2024

The Wow! List: Your Equation Matters

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1. Seek
2. Connect
3. Relate

How you add new people to your world or guide others to do the same, could be summed up by one of two words: transactional or relational. The word transactional connotes dealings that have winners and losers, perhaps even a zero-sum game. Maybe both parties want this, as in a court case or purchase of a new bike. The world needs transactions to operate and move ahead. But is this how you want to interact with other humans to attract positive collaborations this year?

Relational activities build out from the relationships you currently have or want to create. Relational is the theme I advise as a guide to move forward this year and beyond. Let your actions do the talking.


Build your day-to-day around relational activities. First, seek individuals who are of like mind. Then identify which zones of your life could benefit from a more relationship building attitude than a mergers-and-acquisitions mindset.


Once you visualize the types of people or groups you’d like in your world, set your gaze and calendar to engaging these people. Who do you know that might make some warm introductions? Ask away. Try making a fresh introduction yourself – even if it is someone you don’t believe has the slightest idea who you are. This especially applies to our personal worlds as we take up hobbies or reach out to parents in our children’s activities. Connecting through a personal activity in common, makes that activity more enjoyable and may actually lead to other relational ways to connect for business endeavors.

Another benefit of your relational mindset is that others see you conducting yourself powerfully. Some of the best leadership lessons you can give come by way of modeling strong interaction and communication with others.


Use your best attributes to own your wow! Don’t be afraid to share your expertise or your connections with these newfound relationships. When people see authentic and genuine sharing, they want to reciprocate. I trust that when you wind down your year, you’ll count among your most amazing collaborations many new ones made from your relational mindset.

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